2018 Color Corps Drill Manual & Protocol page 9:  “Every assembly should organize and maintain a Fourth Degree Color Corps under the supervision and direction of the Master of the District.  Such bodies may participate in …religious and public functions and parades and other functions with consent of the Master of the District.”  A “call out” is a term used by an assembly when a request is made to have color corps members attend a function in their “regalia” (cape, sword, chapeau).  CLICK HERE to download new 2018 manual.

WHO MAY AUTHORIZE A “CALL OUT”?  The Master is the one to authorize “call outs” NOT a Grand Knight, Color Corps Commander or District Deputy.   A “call out” with more than one assembly (district or chapter) must receive approval from the Master.  If a request is made from an assembly parish, the Master has allowed the Navigator to schedule a call out.  The Navigator must know the event where the assembly color corps will be present.

HOW TO REQUEST A “CALL OUT”: A pastor or council may request the color corps for confirmations, dedication of a church, installation of pastor, anniversary of the church, council jubilee, wedding of a Fourth Degree member, anniversary for priest or other special occasion. The pastor must approve the call out request.  The parish should contact the Grand Knight who will then contact the Faithful Navigator of the local assembly (see contacts below).  Communication must be done through the Navigators of each assembly.  The Navigator will then instruct the Color Corps Commander of his assembly to arrange the call out.  ONLY the Navigator or Color Corps Commander should be calling the color corps members of their respective assembly.

Each assembly is assigned councils by Supreme.  If a call out in a council/parish not assigned to your assembly is requested (funeral, priest anniversary or other appropriate event), you must contact the Faithful Navigator of the assigned assembly and request his approval and invite his color corps to also participate.
If your color corps is going outside the Southern District, you must contact the District Master who will then contact the District Master where the call out is located.  The Vice Supreme Master must give approval. p.8

DEATH OF A KNIGHT: The insurance agent and/or family should notify the council upon the death of member. The council Financial Secretary or Grand Knight must check the latest council roster to determine if the deceased is a council member in good standing, and if he is a member of an assembly.  Only about 20% of knights are members of the Fourth Degree.  If the knight is listed as a member of an assembly, the Faithful Navigator of the assembly should then be notified.  The assembly will determine if the member is a Fourth Degree member in good standing.  Fourth Degree members MUST continue to pay their required dues to their council to retain assembly membership. 

COLOR CORPS ATTENDANCE AT A WAKE (rosary): 2018 Color Corps Drill Manual & Protocol page 26:  All deceased Sir Knights currently in good standing on all counts at the time of death shall be offered the Honor Guard for the wake.  “An Honor Guard…may be offered to the immediate family members of a Sir Knight in good standing and Third Degree members in good standing and to their immediate family members provided a request is made”.       

COLOR CORPS ATTENDANCE AT A FUNERAL MASS:  ONLY Fourth Degree knights in good standing are entitled to have a Chalice Ceremony at their funeral.  This MUST be requested by the family.  Not all families want the color corps.  In some assemblies, a Sir Knight may have requested a chalice ceremony at his funeral.  The Sir Knight’s name is engraved on the chalice and the chalice is given to a mission priest or a priest the family may request.  Each time Mass is celebrated, the Sir Knight is remembered.  This is the purpose of the chalice.  Most assemblies do not give the chalice to the family.