Transfer to Christ Cathedral Assembly

Any Patriotic (Fourth) Degree in good standing may apply to transfer.  We ask for a transfer fee of $15 to pay for your new name badges and donation to our chalice fund.  You can pay online at:

You can fill out the Form 4 to submit.  Click Here for Form 4.

Contact us for more information:


Article VII Section 18 (c) and Article IX Section 25 (a) address membership in their assembly of choice. The two articles state that a Knight may select and apply for membership in any assembly they choose to belong to. There is no boundary with respect to an individual’s choice of membership in the Fourth Degree.

ARTICLE VII Section 18 c

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary applicants and members may make application to be members of any Assembly. 

Article IX Membership Section 25 Eligibility for Membership

Application for membership in the Fourth Degree may be made to any Assembly.


Article VII Section 18 (e)

 Each council of the Knights of Columbus shall be affiliated with an assembly of the Patriotic Degree.

This section pertains to the operation and functioning of an assembly. Individual Councils are assigned under the jurisdiction of a Specific Assembly.

This format is more of a managerial format with regards to Call Out Jurisdiction and promotes a support system between several councils and a specific Assembly. In most cases the majority of a council’s members who are also Patriotic Degree Knights belong to the same assembly but it is not a requirement.